Sunday, October 03, 2010


Hello, Karstuhl here!

The othe week, Mummy wrote a
blog entry about the gnomes who live, or may not live, above the ceiling in our house. Mummy is not sure she believes in them, even though Paula and Daniel have talked about them on numerous occasions. Today, I told Mummy I had met some of the gnomes. I told her they were very friendly, though a bit curious and had some strange ideas about who really owns our house. Gnomes often become much older than humans - which is nothing strange, it is just like humans become much older than dogs - and they have often lived much longer than the humans in a house. Our house is built ninety years ago, and would you not believe gnomes have lived here most of that time? That is, much longer than Paula, Daniel, and the dogs who moved in here with them before I was born.

Maybe I have a better understanding of all of this than the others, because I have lived in our house all my life. For your part, you may or may not believe it, it is up to you. Mummy is still in doubt.

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