Sunday, October 30, 2005

Standard Time

Yet another day, I have had to worry about time zones and government regulations on time. Today, me and my brothers awoke as early as we usually do in the weekdays, that is when Daniel gets up to go to work. However, Paula and Daniel were somewhat disappointed that we did this. This was not only because it was Sunday, the day of rest. Apparently, this day Europe turns the clock back one our, it is the end of daylight savings time. Thus, by the clock, we got up one hour earlier than we usually do on weekdays.

Well, how could they expect small pups like us to know? Nobody had told us.

Sometimes, it feels good to be able to blame the fact that you are an inexperienced pup.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Running on Grass

Except for the other dogs, I live with the humans Paula and Daniel. They are nice. Today, we visited Paula's parents and got to run around in their garden. It was large, but not large enough for my brother Kiko. He found a small hole in the fence and got through. However, Paula's mother saw him, grabbed him and lifted him back. For me, I found it exciting as it was to run on the big lawn. Perhaps it is as Mom says, pups are easily amused?

Friday, October 28, 2005

Time Zone

One of my blog readers was kind enough to point out that my first posting was dated Wednesday the 26th of October and that there was no posting for the 27th. Thus my blog was not daily, despite the name. This is now taken care of. The problem was that the host of this blog has a standard setting for the time zone of Oakville, WA, USA (or as they put it: Los Angeles, USA), whereas I live in Örebro, Sweden. I have now changed the setting to reflect my current address' time zone.

We got up early this morning as well. For this, we were rewarded with an early breakfast. Neither me nor my brothers finished the meal, so Mom helped us. She tells us that is fair. Maybe mothers are always hungrier than their pups.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

First Post

Six weeks old today, yipee! Awoke early in the morning with my brothers. Decided yesterday to start a blog, starting it today.

Mom says life as a pup is too easy. I doubt that, I have to make my brothers behave and explore everything within sight.