Monday, October 21, 2019

Cancelled Soviet Moon Mission

In the 1960’s, the Soviet Union and the USA competed about being first to do things in space. The USA were first topit a man on the Moon. The Soviet Union were also working on the same object, but finally cancelled the project when the Americans got there first.

The cosmonaut that could have been the first man on the Moon, Alexei Leonov, has now passed away. It is sad that he never reached the Moon. It would have been nice, had some more than Americans walked on the Moon. The space programme was one thing the Soviet Union could be admired for.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Japan Lost

Japan lost its quarter final to South Africa.

England won against Australia, New Zealand won against Ireland, Wales won against France. Now England will face New Zealand and Wales will face South Africa in the semi finals.

We are all sad about the loss. South Africa is generally a better tean than Japan at rugby, but it is still a little shameful that a pool winner Japan lost to a pool runner up.

Even my second favourite Australia lost.

Daniel says he hopes to see England versus Wales in the final. This would be an all European final. When my favourites are out, I guess I will also root for England and for Wales.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Technical Fault

The blog entry for yesterday was never uploaded. I uploaded it today instead. It puzzles me why it was not uploaded yesterday. Technology is a great thing, but sometimes, it just does not work. I guess we have to live with this.

Great Result

The youngest dog living here is Orange's son Allram. He is nine months old in a few days, but still a pup.

Paula and Daniel had not intended for Allram to live here. He moved to a family of his own last spring. However, his human got very ill and Allram got to come back.

Now there is another family who is interested in giving Allram a home with them. Daniel took him to the veterinarian today for a check up for this purpose. Allram passed with flying colours.


Thursday, October 17, 2019

Tutti Frutti

This evening, I got some candy. It was called tutti frutti. Apparently, this is Italian for all fruits. The candy tasted much better than fruit, however.

I wonder why candy makers state that their candy tastes like fruit, when it tastes much better than that.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

New Lunar Suit

Nasa has unveiled a prototype for a new space suit, to be worn by the astronauts who will go to the Moon in the new Artemis programme.

I am grateful for all the news about the next Lunar mission. The more that happens, the more likely it is that the voyages to the Moon will actually happen.

Once humans settle on new celestial bodies, dogs will settle too. Of this, I am certain. Dogs are an essential part of human civilisation.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Rainy Day

It seems like there are many rainy days this autumn. This was another.

They have a figure of speechin English: ”a rainy day”, which means ”any day”. This saying seems fit for Örebro this October.

I do not mind the rain, as long as I am indoors. The rain fills the well, which is good.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Won the Pool

Japan won its pool in the Rugby World Cup. The team will now face South Africa in the quarter final on Sunday. We will root for Japan, of course. Even though our kennel prefix is a word from a South African language, we are of a Japanese breed. Our Poodle friends Laila and Momoko were born in Japan, so they also root for Japan.

In the other quarter finals, England faces Australia, New Zealand faces Ireland, and Wales faces France. It will be some exciting games.