Monday, June 17, 2019

Summer and the Flying Things

It is summer. It is warm, sunny, bright nights, and mostly lovely. The bad thing is that there are many flying insects around. I would gladly do without them, they are just so annoying. If they could just stay out of a sphere close by, I would be quite satisfied.

I guess there is always something to complain about every season of the year. we have to think more about the good things. I try to, myself.

Final Sixteen

Sweden wonits second game in the FIFA World Cup and is guaranteed a place in the final sixteen. Thailand was not a hard opponent.

The next game will be against the USA. Both countries have won both of its games, the USA has scored many more goals. Sweden will only win the group, if Sweden wins this game. Mum would have rooted for the USA, as an American, so I will not be terribly sorry if the USA wins or there is a tie, so the USA will win the group.

It is exciting.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

White Nights

They call it white nights in English, when we are in the middle of the summer and it never turns quite dark. It is like this now. For my part, I think nights are more white in the middle of winter, when there is snow on the ground, roofs, and trees. Io not decide what is correct English, however. Even though it was my mother’s native language, as an American dog, it is not mine. Human languages are interesting, regardless of what language it is, since they are so complex. They have many expressions like ”white nights”, which are not litteraly true, but still conveys a great meaning because they are short and widely known. I wish I knew more about human languages.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Vaccinations Regardless of Religion

In the US State of New York, the lawmakers have made it unlawful to cite religious reasons for not giving vaccines to your children. New Yorkis the fifth State to do this, while more States are in the process of doing the same.

This is a good law, I believe. You do not only cause unnecessary risks for your own children by not vaccinating them, but also for other children who have not yet had the vaccination shot.

I believe there is much truth in what one law maker said: ”I’m not aware of anything in the Torah, the Bible, the Koran or anything else that suggests you should not get vaccinated.”

I hope nobody refuses to vaccinate their dogs or pups for religious reasons. If anybody does, perhaps this new law should apply to dogs too.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Dropped Key

Daniel was devastated tonight. He realised he had dropped the car key, he could not find it. After a while, he went outside to look for it. We had to wait, but he came back happy. He had had the car key in the same pocket as the house key, and when he pulled out the house key, the car key had tagged along. It lay on the ground, a little wet from the rain earlier today, but the electronics was fully functional.

Daniel said the car key was about the worst thing to drop. Only the wallet and the house key could be worse, he said.

I am glad I let Daniel and Paula take care of such things as keys, then I never have to worry about dropping them.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019


It is raining tonight. It is so much rain, that we can clearly hear it when we are indoors.

It said in the forecast that there could be rain. We have not had much until tonight, though. There has been quite some rain in May and so far in June. This is great for the levels of water in the ground. I do not think there will be a heavy draught this year, as we had last year. It might be a typical, rainy Swedish summer. These summers have their charm.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Sweden Won

Sweden won its first game of the World Cup, against Chile. Sweden was ranked higher and was a favourite, but it was not until the end of the game that the Swedish team scored for the first time. Then the Swedes scored again in overtime.

The end result was 2-0, which is a result that takes Sweden on the first steps towards the knock out phase. We know if Sweden plays excellent, if Sweden goes on to this phase.

Monday, June 10, 2019

World Cup

The FIFA football World Cup has started. There was a World Cup last year, and there is another this year. The difference is that last year, the men competed, this year, the women compete.

Some say men’s footballhas higher quality. This might be the case, since there are more male than female players. I do not care about this. A World Cup is a World Cup.

Unfortunately, Japan just played a tied game with Argentina. Sweden will play its first game tomorrow, I hope the Swedes will win.