Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Treatment for Cancer

There was an interesting story in our local newspaper today, about a dog who receives a unique treatment for cancer. The story is featured online, but behind a pay wall.

The dog, who is eight years old, had skin cancer. It received some ordinary veterinary treatment, but was not fully cured. His humans then found out about a kind of vaccine, actually a form of immunotherapy, from abroad. They got help from a veterinarian and a company that imports medicines.

It was expensive, but the humans had the money. I would not expect any human to be able to do this for a dog. It is still great that some humans have the heart and the money for it. I believe it is good news. In the future, since the treatment is done now, it may very well be cheaper.

Monday, December 09, 2019


Paula is away this evening. She is at a lodge meeting with the lodge of Odd Fellows that she is a member of. Daniel is also a member of an Odd Fellow lodge, but a different lodge. There are different lodges for ladies and gentlemen. I think this is most reasonable. Among dogs, we also do some things that only bitches do, other things that only male dogs do. At dog shows, males compete against each other, females against each other. Another advantage is that Daniel is at home, when Paula is at a meeting with her lodge, and vice versa. We have a nice evening with Daniel.

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Raspberry Pop

Paula left a glass of raspberry pop on the table. It was very tasty, so I drank quite a lot. Daniel told me not to. I did not like his objection, after all, Paula had put the glass there for anyone to try. Then Paula came back. She also told me not to drink the pop.

I believe that if the humans want their food and drink for themselves, they must not just spread it around where anybody can get their paws on it. If they do, they certainly should not get angry.

Now, neither Daniel nor Paula was angry, but they were not happy, either. It is not always easy to guess what they want to allow us dogs to do or not. We love them, anyway.

Saturday, December 07, 2019

The Lion King

We watched the old movie The Lion King on TV this afternoon. It is quite good, for being an animated movie with antropomorphic animals. The story is rather exciting and it has a happy ending, like children’s movies should have.

I would prefer to see a movie about wolves. Wolves are more closely related to us dogs. Perhaps we can find some movie like that to watch in the near future.

Friday, December 06, 2019

At Another Shore

It is the 6 December and the national holiday of Finland. This day in 1917, the lower house of the parliament of Finland ratified the declaration of independence from Russia. It was accepted by Russia about a month later.

I celebrate for my son Suzuki, Aangenaam Lunar Shore, who lives in Finland with his family. He has a great life there.

Cheers, all of the friends of Finland! 

Thursday, December 05, 2019


Life is empty without Mommy. There were days when I was annoyed with her, but I always loved her and were mostly glad that she was around. Now she is not.

The snow has gone, as well. It makes the world look darker again. This seems fitting.

We will all get used to the fact that Mommy is not around. I know this from previous experiences of losing friends and family members. It is still hard. We get used to it, but a piece of our hearts are lost forever. We go on, anyway.

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Hailey Is No More

Hello, Karstuhl here!

This is the last time I will start a blog entry by stating who I am.

My dear Mommy Hailey passed away this morning. She has gradually become less healthy this autumn. Until the last moment, she tried to hold herself together, even joining us on the morning walk this morning, as always. Later in the morning, however, she cried out in pain for no apparent reason. Paula and Daniel took her to the veterinarian right away, but she could not make it.

It was the will of my Mommy, that I would get this blog and keep up the Daily blog entry tradition. It is my intention to do so.

I have written blog entries in this blog many times before, but this has been just now and then. From now on, it is my duty to keep the blog daily. When I have written in the blog before, I have often been less serious than Mommy. I have even joked from time to time. Mommy has not been very fond of this. She wanted the blog to be more serious than that. I will try to continue blogging in the style of my mother.

Please stay tuned, for the loving memory of my mother Hailey.