Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nice Looking Cat

There is a cat in our neighbourhood whom I meet sometimes on my walks. I met her again today. Unfortunately, she is afraid of me and my dog friends, so she tends to run away every time I want to talk to her. She is mostly black, but has white fur on her chest and legs. Thus she looks a lot like me, a black and tan Shiba Inu. I think this is nice, but since she always runs from me, I have never been able to commend her on her fine fur colours. I wish she would realize I am a very gentle dog who just want to be her friend.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Documentary That Was Not Very True

Late last night, there was a documentary on TV about breeding of dogs, on the TV show Insider. The documentary addressed the issue that some dog breeds have inherited illnesses, their examples were of some of the breeds with the biggest problems. Then they tried to prove the point that all breeding of pure races lead to unhealthy dogs. This is, of course, not true. The Shiba Inu breed is but one example that could refute their story.

In the documentary, they also interviewed a woman who was involved with a club for human owning mix bred dogs. She claimed that the focus on pure breeds in the Swedish Kennel Club is racism. She is wrong. Pure breeding of dogs cannot be compared to racism among humans. Dog breeders have no prejudices against other breeds, they don't consider other breeds to be worth less. It is just that different dog breeds are good at different things and fit different people. Among humans, there are so small differences among the breeds that you cannot say any human is better than the other at anything because of his or her race. Many biologists even say it is unscientific to talk about human races, because the differences are so small and often don't follow the borders between what you would often say was one race.

The breeding of pure breeds is about preserving a heritage and knowing what you will get. You never know what a mix bred dog will be like. The documentary did not explain this at all. In short, it was really bad.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

It Works Today

I could not publish anything in my blog yesterday. It does not work every day. I have a free blog, so I don't complain.

This was what I wrote for my blog yesterday:

It was dark outside on the morning walk today. This is the first time since the spring it has been so dark. We did go on a walk earlier than usually today, since Daniel would leave early for a business trip to Jönköping. Still, it is evidence that the times are getting darker. It will be winter again. I wonder how long it will take.

However, after publishing this post, I realized my post had been published yesterday. You cannot even trust computers to malfunction sometimes.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dark Morning

It was dark outside on the morning walk today. This is the first time since the spring it has been so dark. We did go on a walk earlier than usually today, since Daniel would leave early for a business trip to Jönköping. Still, it is evidence that the times are getting darker. It will be winter again. I wonder how long it will take.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Paula ate an apple today. I got to taste it. It tasted good, so I wanted more, but paula would not let me. She said too much apple could hurt my stomach, since it has got so strong juices. I guess I believe much stronger in the abilities of my stomach than Paula does. It is nice of her to look out for me in this way, but I really think I am the best judge on what I can eat and not.

An apple is a fruit and not meat, thus it may be less healthy for carnivores like me. There is a saying that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away", which is meant to show how healty apples are. On the other hand, the saying doesn't go "an apple a day keeps the veterinarian away". Nobody has made up any saying about apples being healthy for animals. Maybe they are a little less healthy for dogs than for humans. Nevertheless, they taste good, so I am sure I can eat a lot of apples. Maybe I can have more bits of an apple tomorrow?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Waffels and Music

Dad Daniel is in the kitchen making waffels for supper. Mmmm me like! Waffels are a good thing. Especially with some whipped cream and strawberry jam.

I'm a music freak. Mum Paula often buys music from the itunes for her ipod we shibas got for her 28th Birthday last autumn. Today I'm listening to Beyonce Knowles. Shw sings very good and looks amacing. Although she is not a b/t shiba girl like me!

"I don't think you
Ready for this jelly
I don't think you
Ready for this jelly
I don't think you
Ready for this
'Cause my body too
Bootylicious for ya babe"

Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Quiet Day

Daniel has a cold, so he has taken it easy the whole weekend. It has been a quiet day today. It can be OK sometimes, but I have played around anyway. Daniel has not said it has been too much, so I know he has not become upset.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Shiba Inu Meeting

Mum and Linni got to go with Paula on a Shiba Inu meeting. I stay home with Daniel, since I have started to be in heat. There will be male dogs there who may not be able to control themselves when smellig the woderful me. I would have liked to come to the Shiba Inu meeting, it would be fun, but I stay at home to ease the pain of the male dogs there. Dad is also at home, but he will not be interested in me, his daughter, in that way.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mia Has Been to Greece

Paula's sister Mia was here tonight. She did not bring Kesshi (fortunately, since he and Dad are not the best of friends), but she brought some gifts from Greece. She has been to Greece for a week on a vacation. The presents were great. Paula got some herbs, moisturising lotion with olive oil, some magnets, and a cake. Daniel got a ship in a bottle which he liked very much.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Similar to a Shiba Inu

On the veterinarian show on TV, they patched up a Finnish Spitz who had been injuried when hunting with her human. It is amazing how similar to Shiba Inus the Finnish Spitzes look. They are almost as nice looking as we are.

The ruling party in Japan, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), has chosen a new leader, Shinzo Abe. Parliament is expected to confirm him as Prime Minister next week. Daniel thought that the Social Democrats in Sweden had been in power for too long before they lost the election last Sunday, since they had been in power for twelve years. The LDP has ruled Japan almost without interruption since 1955. I wonder what Daniel would say, would he have been from Japan.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dogs Find Cancer

There was a very interesting documentary on TV today, disclosing that dogs are better on finding cancer in its early stages, sniffing with with their noses, than any other methods are. There are proofs of this according to three different scientific studies. This goes to prove, once again, how important dogs are for the human civilisation. I believe that this is such a great breakthrough that it should be the ground for a Nobel Prize.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Cleaning and watching

Mum Paula is cleaning and I Hailey is watching for unauthorized personel to enter our house. At least Paula says so.

Im at a stage in life where I tend to see things a bit scary. It feels much better when I bark at stuff outside. The other shibas don't react and neither does Primus. Am I that weared? Do the other dogs have problem with their hearing?

I will look into this matter really carefully. Both mum Paula and dad Daniel have high hopes for me to stop barking. I feel that some more candy can make me stop bark. I have to say this to them. Maybe they will hear me out.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

It Doesn't Feel Different

So, now I am a year old. It doesn't feel different. I feel just the same as before my birthday.

I have had monthly birthdays before, which felt more different the younger I was. As a little pup I even counted weekly birthdays. The celebrations has thus been fewer over the last months. I thought that because of this and because it was the first real birthday, that is annual birthday, this would really be a change. It was not. Auntie Linni even reminded me I am still a junior in dog show contexts for three more months, until I am 15 months old.

Maybe I feel a bit disappointed that I don't feel different, because I have been looking forward to this birthday so much.

Well, I had a wonderful life before my one year birthday. The fact that my life does not feel different after the birthday can therefore be described as a good thing. If a good life does not change, it is still good. Thus, my life is good.

Friday, September 15, 2006

My birthday!

It started out really well. I got some treats for breakfast and a new toy. It was a orange crab but he "died" quickly. My brother Primus helped me to kill him. We had a great time doing it. Mum Paula was'nt that happy 'cause she had to clean the living room floor from all the leftovers of the crab.

This evening was'nt fun. Primus got injured during a playtime (not with me or the other shibas) and dad Daniel had to go with him to the vet. Luckily, my Primus is such a great puppy so he is sound and safe at home now. He is for the moment not the Primus we usually know but the vet told mum and dad that he will be fine soon. Kuro, Linni, Sunni and me all wish Primus all the love and caring we possible can. I have to say that I was afraid for a while 'cause I love my Primus. As a evidence of that I quickly decided to prospone my Birthday party until Primus is feeling better. It is important that the ENTIRE family can 100% join me in the festivities. Why bother having a Birthday pary unless...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Events This Week

This Sunday is an election day in Sweden. The Swedish humans elect Parliament and region and city councils. There is general elections once every four years, very exciting according to Daniel and Paula, but these are the only two things this event has in common with the Olympic Games and the World Cup in fotball. Otherwise, it is a completely different thing. It is not entertainment, but as serious as it can get, because it is about making laws and governing the state, region, and city for the upcoming four years.

Still, I am more excited about my birthday tomorrow. I have never had an annual birthday before. I want to know how that feels.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Upcoming Birthday

It is my one year birthday this Friday. Since I am a very simple dog who do not demand too much of life, I do not wish for much. All I want is some new toys, nice meals, a lot of dog candy, and generally a happy time. I hope my brothers will have a nice birthday as well.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ben & Jerry's

Paula bought some ice cream of a brand I had not tasted before: Ben & Jerry's. It is a luxurious ice cream brand from Mum's home country America. We got to taste some and I really liked it. Mum said it was so good because it was American, she said only Americans can make so good things. I guess she may be right, I have never tasted ice cream so good.

Monday, September 11, 2006


This weekend, we did not go to the dog show with our own BMW, we borrowed Paula's parents' Citroën. It was bigger, which was good, but did not accelerate as fast. Paula liked it, because of the bigger space, and talked about exchanging our car for such a Citroën. Daniel did not like it, because of the bad acceleration and the gear box, which he felt was too spongy. Daniel unloaded and cleaned the Citroën this evening and turned it back to Paula's parents. It remains to be seen whether Paula can convince Daniel to buy such a car. I like our BMW, it feels more luxurious, thus it is more fitting for a Shiba Inu.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dog Show at a Royal Castle

This weekend has been spent on dog shows in Helsingborg. I was shown on Sunday, at the International KC show in the park of the Royal Castle Sofiero.

The judge was incompetent, giving me a bad prize just because I do not have such a fine fur for the moment. I have to come back when my fur is thick and shiny again, to claim the prizes that are rightfully mine.

I met two of my younger half brothers at the show, Molle and Chikai. This was fun. Chikai won best of breed puppy, just like me when I was his age. He was also Best in Show-Reserve (fifth) puppy!



Friday, September 08, 2006


Tonight we will leave for a two day dog show in the south of Sweden. I will cheer for my buddy Primus on Saturday. Neither me or my mum can be shown at that show though we are not sighthounds. But I will probably be shown on Sunday at the KC all breed show. I'm not jealous. I want Primus to be best in show too, as i were 3 months ago. Otherwise he can't be a member in my and Harley's exclusive club.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

September Birthday

I went with Paula to her mother tonight. We congratulated Paula's mother on her birthday. It is September, the best month for a birthday. I know, I was born in September myself. (I will celebrate my birthday next week.) It is always nice at Paula's parents' place, even more so when celebrating a birthday.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Succession Is Saved!

Great news reach us from Japan via BBC. The succession to the Imperial throne is saved through the birth of a baby boy by Princess Kiko, wife of Emperor Akihito's second son Akishino.

The succession to the Chrysanthemum Throne (菊花紋章; kikukamonshō), as the Imperial throne of Japan is commonly called, is only inherited by legitimate male decendants. The prince born today is the first male born of the Imperial house since his father in 1965. This has given rise to discussions on a future constitutional crisis with the lack of an Emperor, and discussions to change the order of succession to allow female decendants to inherit the throne. Apparently, there were popular support for ideas of changing the order of succession. I say this should not be done unless the crisis is imminent, which it never was. Otherwise, it would be like allowing other dogs to get the pure kennel prefix Aangenaam, even though they were not born and raised at our kennel. A human family line is male, just like a dog kennel prefix depends on the kennel.

Now the monarchy and the Imperial line is saved. I am happy it is. Japan is saved from a future constitutional crisis.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Meat Sauce

We had some meat sauce for dinner. Paula made it for her and Daniel, then there was some left that went into our food bowls. It was tasty. I would like to have had more, but I did not. Still, Paula and Daniel agree that I should build some more muscles. I just wonder how I can do that if I don't get more food. They say I get a lot of food, and that this is enough, but I know I can eat more. Is it enough, even though I do not feel quite full?

Monday, September 04, 2006

We Will Move

Daniel and Paula has bought a house today. This is their biggest purchase ever (though not the most important, in my mind the purchases of auntie Tiffy, Dad, and Mum were all more important). The house is not very big, but it comes with almost 3 000 square metres of land, a guest house, and a barn. It needs repairs, but all of us dogs are looking forward to having the big lot to run around and play on. We will be able to move in on the 1st of november. It is a long time until then, so I will have a lot of more opportunities to tell you about the house.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ongoing Planetary Dispute

The issue on which celestial bodies should be considered planets, described by me a week and a half ago, is not over. There are astronomers and planetary scientists who has signed a
petition to change the officially recognized definition at the very next IAU General Assembly in 2009. Thus, my hope that Charon, the celestial body named after a mythological dog, will be recognized as a planet, still lives. I want a planet named after a dog.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

An ordinary Saturday?

No it's not. My Daniel is not at home. He had to visit his parents in Stockholm. I can understand that he want's to. Not everyone has such luck to live with the parents for the whole life. I'm lucky though, both mum and dad are always with me. We are a big family together with Paula, auntie Tiffy and Primus.

As you can see, auntie has changed her name from Linni to Tiffy. I like the new name alot. It sounds like a pink poodle but is not. Tiffy say's that she is fed up with only small pink poodles with funny names. She wants everybody to see that a adorable shiba also can have cute names. I like my name Hailey too much for changing it. Sometimes Paula calls me Pepsi and that is ok. If it makes her happy so let it be. I don't care for my own sake but for her. Sometimes your family is kind of crazy...

Friday, September 01, 2006

At Work

I went with Daniel to his work today. It was interesting. I remember the room where they have their coffee breaks since I visited the place with my brothers as a small pup. Most of the time was spent in Daniel's office, were I helped him working on important cases. We took a lunch walk by the castle and the great square, this is close by in the centre of the city.

The most disappointing thing about my day at Daniel's work was that Grus, the dog who is often at the office and whose homepage I have a link to, was not there today. Grus lives with the humans Ylva and Pär, Ylva is the one working at the office. Today, Pär was at home and wanted to have the company of Grus. I understand that. What I did not understand was that Grus came to the office late in the afternoon, was Pär tired of him? Anyway, he was there for such a short time I did not get the chance to say hello to him. We will have to meet another day.