Friday, September 15, 2006

My birthday!

It started out really well. I got some treats for breakfast and a new toy. It was a orange crab but he "died" quickly. My brother Primus helped me to kill him. We had a great time doing it. Mum Paula was'nt that happy 'cause she had to clean the living room floor from all the leftovers of the crab.

This evening was'nt fun. Primus got injured during a playtime (not with me or the other shibas) and dad Daniel had to go with him to the vet. Luckily, my Primus is such a great puppy so he is sound and safe at home now. He is for the moment not the Primus we usually know but the vet told mum and dad that he will be fine soon. Kuro, Linni, Sunni and me all wish Primus all the love and caring we possible can. I have to say that I was afraid for a while 'cause I love my Primus. As a evidence of that I quickly decided to prospone my Birthday party until Primus is feeling better. It is important that the ENTIRE family can 100% join me in the festivities. Why bother having a Birthday pary unless...

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