Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Meat Sauce

We had some meat sauce for dinner. Paula made it for her and Daniel, then there was some left that went into our food bowls. It was tasty. I would like to have had more, but I did not. Still, Paula and Daniel agree that I should build some more muscles. I just wonder how I can do that if I don't get more food. They say I get a lot of food, and that this is enough, but I know I can eat more. Is it enough, even though I do not feel quite full?


Grus said...

När det gäller kött i olika former kan man inte få nog. Människor har väldgt dålig uppfattning om vad som är "tillräckligt" i den frågan. *vet*

Daily Hailey said...

Vi tycker så lika i många frågor, du och jag.