Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dad Is Going Crazy

Mum is still in heat. This is driving Dad crazy, because he senses it but is not allowed to do anything. Mum has already been bred, not by Dad this time. Dad is whining, he is not the strong male I envision him to be. He tells me he cannot help this, that this is another side of being a male. I guess it is only fair Mum can be bred to some other male, considering how many other females Dad has bred over the last year. As for myself, I hope for more younger siblings.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Long Walk

As Paula is away this week, Daniel comes home early in the afternoon. We used the daylight today to take a long walk through the forest behind our house. It was exciting to discover new paths, sights, and smells. We were walking for almost an hour, but I could have walked longer. As usually, though, Mum was glad to come home and did not want to go any further than to the bed to lie down to rest. In this aspect, I have taken after Dad, who could also have walked longer.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Paula Went Away

Paula went on a trip to visit friends. She will be gone a couple of weeks, so now Daniel is the only human at home. I miss Paula already.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Mum Is Back Home

Mum came back home today. She had a pleasant trip and there is a chance I will get younger siblings in about two months. It is nice to have Mum back home.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


There was a younng couple of humans here today, interested in buying a pup from our kennel. I thought they were nice people, so did Daniel who talked to them about dogs, Shiba Inus, and our kennel and breeding for over an hour. These had no first hand experience of Shiba Inus since earlier, but a lot of experience with dogs and had read about Shiba Inus. They were about to move to a bigger flat soon and felt ready to get a dog. We assured them that Shiba Inus can have a great life in a flat, after all, I and the other Shiba Inus of our family had that for quite some time. Daniel and I agree that these are the kind of people we want as puppy buyers. I hope they will get a Shiba Inu, from us or from any other kennel.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Mum Went Away

Mum went away today. She will meet a male Shiba Inu to make me another batch of half-siblings. Paula and Daniel hope that there will be cute puppies who will spread the good name of the kennel. Mum looks forward to the greater amounts of food she will get while expecting pups and nursing them. The thing I look forward to is having more younger siblings who must look up to me as an older, wiser big sister. I will probably have to teach them to look up to me. This is not strange, pups must be taught most things that we grown ups take for granted.

Mum will come back on Monday, I will tell you more about her journey then.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Early Morning

I was the first one who wanted to go out for the morning walk today. This is not a new habit, I just had to this morning, that is all. I believe Daniel recognised this on the morning walk. When I had done what I had to do, I felt much better and was the same happy dog as I usually am.

Daniel wants us to take a rather long morning walk every morning, but Mum wants to take a shorter trip that is about as long as the traditional morning walk we walked in the old neighbourhood. The downside of Mum's preferred walk is that we walk for a while on a path without street lights. Daniel is not so fond of this, but I and the other Shiba Inus agree with Mum. We think we can persuade Daniel to take this as our traditional morning walk. The walk will them be around half an hour long, which is long enough.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Beta Blogger

I thought the new version of Blogger would be better, but so far I have only discovered one difference from the old version, and it is less good than it was earlier. It is a bit more complicated to log in now than before. I cannot tell why it is, but I have to log in twice, the first time I am just redirected to a new page stating that my account is moved to the new Blogger and I am asked to log in again. It is the same thing with the address that I have been instructed to use. This is weird. I might be able to figure out what page I am supposed to go to in order to log in directly, but I have not received any information on this, nor have I understood why I cannot log in from the same page I have always used.

Well, as my readers, you don't have to care. Just read on, I will continue to write my blog entries.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bloody Early Mornings

It is Wednesday, yet another work day when Daniel gets up early and want every dog in the house to accompany him on a morning walk in the dark. It is not even the last work day of the week. Dad is always eager to come along, Mum is mostly just as eager. It is only auntie Tiffy and I who are reluctant to get up, I am the most reluctant one. It is in mornings like today, when I feel even more sleepy than usually, that I ask myself if I am really my parents' daughter.

Sure, everyone tells me I am my parents' daughter. I am registered as such by the Swedish Kennel Club and Paula and Daniel were present when Mum gave birth to me. I do believe it is so 99 % of the time I am considering the issue. Given that this is true, from whom have I inherited the trait to be so tired in the morning? If any of my blog readers know any of my ancestors, maybe you can give me an answer by giving a comment to this blog post.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rude Neighbours

We do not have neighbours as close to our house as we did to the flat were we lived before. One of the neighbours on a little distance is a dog pension were they take care of dogs whose humans are too busy during the day. Today, when we went out in our garden, there was a non-ending barking from over there. The other dogs and I barked back at them to tell them to keep quiet, but they did not. Instead, Daniel asked us to be quiet.

The garbage truck was here today to fetch our garbage. This is a good service. After asking us to be quiet, Daniel went down to the road to fetch the garbage bin, since it looks too ugly to have it standing by the road all the time. When he was away, we tried barking back at those neighbours again. The only result was that Daniel came back and told us again to be quiet. All we tried to do was to tell those rude other dogs to shut up some time, it did not feel good to make Daniel mad about us for trying. Sometimes, I wish it would be easier to tell humans of your aims. Anyway, it feels good to know we have better manners than those other dogs, because all of us fell silent when Daniel asked us to.

Monday, November 20, 2006

We Have Got Internet

The Internet connection in our new house is now working. This means I can resume my daily posts in the Daily Hailey blog. I am quite satisfied now. It is amazing that humans and dogs have been able to live without Internet for ages. What did the dogs do, who wanted to express themselves on a daily basis before the Internet was invented? Did they type on typewriters, or prior to that, did they write with goose pens? Dogs would be able to catch geese to get the old kind of pens, but what about the ink? How did they publish their work for a greater audience? I rather not think about it.

Friday, November 17, 2006

A New Thermostat

The heating works now, we had a person at home today who put in a new thermostat. It is good that this was done before the winter.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Blogger

I have moved my Blogger account to the new Blogger. It is supposed to have more and better features, something which I will maybe look into in the days to come. No matter what features the blog program have, I think the main thing is that the blog posts are worth reading. I do believe many of my posts are worth reading, I have never heard any complaints.

We still don't have an Internet connection in our new house. I am at Daniel's work today, though, and borrows his computer to write this post. Daniel uses his computer a lot in his work, but not all the time.

Grus is also here. He said hello to me with a bark when I arrived this morning. I have to check the possibilities of getting his company on at least one of the walks today, that would be fun.

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Washing Machine That Washed the Floor

Paula turned the washing machine in our new house on for the first time this Saturday. The machine immediately started to leak and water ran out on the floor of the bathroom. Paula, on the verge of panic, turned the machine off and switched the water off. The machine still leaked for a while. Luckily, the floor is covered with a plastic mat that stands water and when the water was dried up the floor got cleaner.

In the evening, Paula talked to her mother, who knew what to do. There is a vent in the lower end of washing machines that was probably left open when the bathroom was cleaned before we moved in. Paula located the vent and closed it, then she could turn the washing machine on again. Now everything worked.

However, in the early morning Daniel discovered a huge amount of water on the bathroom floor again. He dried it up and realised the water hose for the water exiting the machine had fallen off, but this was easy to mend. Now our washing machine is fully functional.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


We do not have a working Internet connection in our new house. This means I cannot post my blog entries as usual in the evenings from home. Shiba Inus are resourceful, so I manage to post entries anyway, but since my habits are disturbed the entries may not come on a daily basis until we have an Internet connection again. First, we will have to get a telephone line. This will be operational from tomorrow morning, when a man from our telephone company will stop by and make the connection. The TV does work now, which is good.

Yesterday, a man from our insurance company visited us. He inspected the heat and water systems and found no signs of damages. He did suggest some things we could do to make the house better, but over all he thought we had made a good deal when buying the house. This made us feel good.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We Have Been Very Busy

I have not been able to post anything in my blog for the last couple of days. We have been busy moving to our new house. There has been some difficulties along the way. First, the previous owner had not cleaned the house, so we could not start to move in until this Sunday afternoon, despite owning the house since last Wednesday. Second, the heating did not work, so Daniel had to get maintenance yesterday who got it working but realised the thermostat was not working. The heat works now, but until the thermostat is replaced, we cannot turn it, because the heat will turn of again. Third, the TV does not work, first Daniel had to go back to the store to replace the programme card which was malfunctioning, then Paula realised the remote control does not work, which means we cannot install the programme card and get the TV channels we have paid for. Fourth, the telephone company still has not installed our telephone line.

Nevertheless, it was a good feeling to wake up this morning in a house of our own. There are no more dog hating and generally disturbed neighbours living close by. No one can live close by, because our lot is so big. Now we can make noises while playing without being afraid we will disturb the neighbours. I believe that when all the troubles we have had at the start are over, we will have a wonderful life in our new house. It is quite possible it will feel even better than if there had been no troubles at all, now we know we can overcome anything (I and the other Shiba Inus knew this all the time, since Shiba Inus will always overcome anything, but Daniel and Paula know now).

Other happy news: Harley has come home again. He has not made a full recovery yet, but his chances look good.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Paula went shopping today. The best thing she bought was some dog chewing bones. I can spend my entire evening chewing on such bones. They are such a great pass time, I wonder why the humans never chew on them. Maybe it is just another example of how humans cannot really appreciate the good things in life that dogs know of.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Harley Is Getting Better

I am happy today, because my friend harley is getting better. He has eaten meatballs, so he has got his apetite. This is good. I hope he is on his way to full recovery.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Friend Is at the Hospital

Our thoughts today is with my dear friend Harley, the Basenji who is my best dog show buddy. He had to go to the emergency room at the animal hospital yesterday and is still there, fighting for his life. Just as Harley is my dear friend, his human Sofie is a friend of Paula and Daniel. Sofie has written more about Harley in her blog in Swedish.

Harley seemed to be in perfect health, but suddenly, this happened. Never take your dog for granted, show him that you love him every day!