Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rude Neighbours

We do not have neighbours as close to our house as we did to the flat were we lived before. One of the neighbours on a little distance is a dog pension were they take care of dogs whose humans are too busy during the day. Today, when we went out in our garden, there was a non-ending barking from over there. The other dogs and I barked back at them to tell them to keep quiet, but they did not. Instead, Daniel asked us to be quiet.

The garbage truck was here today to fetch our garbage. This is a good service. After asking us to be quiet, Daniel went down to the road to fetch the garbage bin, since it looks too ugly to have it standing by the road all the time. When he was away, we tried barking back at those neighbours again. The only result was that Daniel came back and told us again to be quiet. All we tried to do was to tell those rude other dogs to shut up some time, it did not feel good to make Daniel mad about us for trying. Sometimes, I wish it would be easier to tell humans of your aims. Anyway, it feels good to know we have better manners than those other dogs, because all of us fell silent when Daniel asked us to.

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