Saturday, September 02, 2006

An ordinary Saturday?

No it's not. My Daniel is not at home. He had to visit his parents in Stockholm. I can understand that he want's to. Not everyone has such luck to live with the parents for the whole life. I'm lucky though, both mum and dad are always with me. We are a big family together with Paula, auntie Tiffy and Primus.

As you can see, auntie has changed her name from Linni to Tiffy. I like the new name alot. It sounds like a pink poodle but is not. Tiffy say's that she is fed up with only small pink poodles with funny names. She wants everybody to see that a adorable shiba also can have cute names. I like my name Hailey too much for changing it. Sometimes Paula calls me Pepsi and that is ok. If it makes her happy so let it be. I don't care for my own sake but for her. Sometimes your family is kind of crazy...

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