Thursday, October 21, 2010

Securing Quality

Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, biggest in the world, is recalling 1.53 million vehicles due to brake and fuel pump problems. Toyota has received world wide critizism for their slow handling of a recall of about 8.5 million cars not so long ago. The car manufacturer now stresses that this recall is more proactive and that Toyota is working towards better quality and customer service, and that this recall of vehicles is part of that work.

My hubby Kuro-chan, father of Polly and Nemo, is a great Toyota fan and is not happy about this recall of vehicles. I have tried to persuade him that the recall is actually a good thing, if it is handled in a customer friendly way. A car buyer, just like a puppy buyer, needs to be handled with care. The boyer is your customer for as long as the car - or puppy - is in the possession of the buyer. Good relations to the buyer will often make the buyer come back for more, just like the buyers of my brothers Jiro and Kiko came back to us for more pups. I believe that the majority of Toyota customers see this recall as a good thing, ensuring the safety and quality of the car. It will make them more loyal to the Toyota brand. Kuro-chan is not so sure, but I believe it is so.

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