Monday, September 13, 2010

Above the Ceiling

The men who are at our house to rebuild our bathroom has come a long way now. Today, they were up in the tiny space between our ceiling and the roof, giving us new water pipes from the kitchen to the bathroom. There were, of course, some odd noise from up there, but they did not find any odd things.

Paula and Daniel have talked about gnomes living in our house, and I have presumed it must be up there, because that is the only space available. I am not sure I believe there really are any gnomes there, because I have never heard, smelled or seen any. It is quite possible this is something Paula and Daniel are just joking about. They can have rather serious voices when joking about things that they both know are not true, sometimes making it a little difficult for the rest of us to know whether it is a joke or not. I guess that if we do have gnomes living on top of our ceiling, they were out today, disturbed as they would otherwise have been by the work being done.

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