Saturday, September 25, 2010


Daniel is studying anatomy this weekend. This is not all he does. He has seen to it that we got food in our bowls, worked a bit in the garden and watched a bit on the TV. Most of the time, though, he tries to preoccupy himself with a book on dog anatomy. It is great that he want to learn a lot about this. Of course, all of us dogs knows all there is to know already, simply by having a dog's anatomy, but it is nice to know that Daniel tries to learn the same things. The purpose of his studies is to be prepared for a course in anatomy and judging that he will take next weekend. He is aimed at becoming a dog show judge, and this is a first step on the road to be just that. His primary breed to judge will be the Shiba Inu, of course. We all wish him good luck in his efforts.

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