Friday, September 03, 2010


The qualification to the UEFA European Championship in football has started tonight. Sweden played Hungary and won 2-0. The championship is played in the summer of 2012.

I believe it is a good thing for the sport of football that there are other international championships than the World Cup, and that the qualifications to the different championships of the confederations stretch out for years, just like the qualifications to the World Cup does. This makes people keep the interest for national team football, which I believe would disappear if there was just the World Cup played every four years. Especially for dogs, who have lifespans which are more limited than that of humans, a football cup played every four years would really be too far in between.

There are, of course, both humans and dogs who are not interested in football no matter what. Mum is one of them. She did have a tiny bit of interest for the World Cup for as long as her home country USA was playing, but that was it. The European Championship is nothing for her. I hope Sweden does well, nevertheless. Dad hopes Norway does well. The next games are played this Wednesday, we will see what happens then.

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