Thursday, September 02, 2010

Dog Attacked by Lynx

A Swedish newspaper has published a film on its web page with photos from a camera strapped to a dog, just as that dog was attacked by a lynx. The dog was out in a forest in Sweden with his human, hunting for bears. He started to bark when out of sight of his human, then he was attacked. Fortunately, he survived and did not even get wounds serious enough that he had to go to a veterinarian. The lynx just bit him in one leg. The film may be a bit scarry and it is noisy, capturing the barking, but all is well that ends well.

A reporter asks the dog's human by the end of the film if he will hesitate to bring the dog out into the forest again, but the answer is no. I believe this is a correct risk assessment. It is highly unlikely that you are attacked by a lynx. It would be at least as unlikely to be attacked a second time. Hunting dogs love to hunt, that is what they live for; it would probably be more traumatic for this dog never to hunt again than to go out in the forest again where he was attacked by the lynx. I wish him good hunting!

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