Sunday, September 12, 2010

Newborn Human Boy Deserted

Cleaners onboard a Gulf Air aircraft which had landed in Manila, the Philippines, have found a newborn boy in a trash bin in one of the toilets onboard. The boy has been taken to a hospital and is in good health. He is called George Francis, after Gulf Air's airline code GF.

The mother must have managed to give birth to the boy without anybody else onboard taking notice and then sneaked out of the aircraft together with the rest of the passengers. The social services in Manila has started an investigation into the identity of the boy and his mother. I guess the passenger list to the aircraft can come to good use in this investigation.

As a mother of four, I have a hard time understanding how anybody can desert their offspring in this way. There might be some kind of temporary insanity behind the behaviour. When I gave birth to my first litter, where both pups were breech births, I was very tired in the first hour after delivering them. Once I had had this hour to recollect myself, however, I took very well care of my pups. The second birth was easier.

My guess is that this was the first birth of a very young mother, who presumed her family would not accept her having a child, and thus went into panic. I cannot understand, though, how a baby would not be welcome into its family, no matter how unexpectedly it would be born. Being a parent is one of the main purposes of life, and one of the best things in life. I hope this deserted boy will have a happy reunion with his mother, or else that he will be adopted by other humans who will love him.


Ylva said...

Nej, det går inte att förstå hur man kan lämna sitt eget barn. Givetvis är det inte ett normalt beteende, någonting måste - temporärt eller permanent - vara fel när man gör så.

Daily Hailey said...

Mamman är tydligen återfunnen nu, men jag har inte sett till någon förklaring till att pojken övergavs.