Friday, September 17, 2010

Reshuffling the Cabinet

Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan was reelected as party leader the other day, and could thus remain as PM. I believe this is good for the political stability in Japan, which has seen so many different Prime Ministers over the last couple of years. Naoto Kan is now reshuffling his cabinet, giving important posts to new ministers. It might seem like this is political instability, but I say it is not. The main issue for political stability in a country is a monarch, which Japan is fortunate to have, and the second most important thing are prime ministers who have a firm political majority behind them in parliament and their own cabinet. Reshuffling the cabinet is mostly a way to strengthen this political stability.

Meanwhile, back in Sweden, we have a general election the day after tomorrow. Since 2006, we have had the first cabinet supported by a majority in parliament since 1981. In the interest of political stability in Sweden, it would be nice if the present majority coalition would win a majority this Sunday as well. Then we might see a reshuffle in the Swedish cabinet as well, even that in the interest of political stability.

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