Sunday, July 11, 2010


It has been some very warm and sunny days, so when the clouds came this evening, it was no surprise there was some thunder. We did not see any lightning, and there was very little thunder and just a little rain. I am somewhat surprised that it was not more thunder and rain.

In formula 1 at Silverstone, Australian Mark Webber won. Auntie Linni's father was from Australia, so she was happy, and so were we.

In the World Cup final, the Netherlands played Spain. Paula hoped for a Spanish victory. So did Dad, he said he has no connections to the Netherlands, but the woman who came up with his official name on behalf of his breeder is from Spain. Since Paula and Dad hoped for Spain, so did I. Daniel said he initially hoped for the Netherlands, but they played so dirty that he was disappointed with them. Thus, all of us were more or less happy Spain won.

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