Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ownership of Hospitals

I do not care much about human politics. Perhaps I should, Daniel is very interested, but I do not think much of the politics of humans concern me. It happens once in a while, though, that some political news make me think.

Today, the centre-left opposition parties in Sweden has gone out with the promise for the upcoming election this autumn, that they do not want large, publicly owned hospitals in Sweden to be sold to private interests. If they win the election to the national parliament, they will enact a law against this. The reason is that these parties think that hospital care is so important that it has to be cared for by the authorities. The centre-right coalition who rule Sweden do not think the selling of hospitals as such is wrong.

My thought is that if hospitals are so important for the centre-left, and they think the right ownership is public, why do they not mention animal hospitals? All the animal hospitals that I know of are privately owned. In my opinion, animal hospitals, especially those who are specialized in the care of dogs, are as important as hospitals for humans. I do not know whether private or public ownership is the best for animal hospitals, but I believe they must be regarded as equally important as hospitals for humans and thus mentioned when politicians talk about hospitals in general. However, the centre-left do not mention animal hospitals at all, when they talk about the importance of hospitals being publicly owned. I do not like that.

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