Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hi, Polly here again!

I am now also known under the name Karstuhl. Paula has a knack for inventing nick names for all her dogs, I am no exception. While the only nick name Daniel has came up with for me is Pollan, which is a simple derivation of Polly, Paula has greater imagination. I asked Mummy and Granny, but none of them could remember a time when Paula did not invent nick names, nor did they know how she does when she makes up all of these names. Mummy said some of the nick names stick, while some do not.

I have a feeling Karstuhl is a nick name that will stick. Right now, I think it is a nice nick name and I have listened to Paula and Daniel when they call me Karstuhl. Mummy have said it is up to me to decide whether or not to listen to nick names, and that if I do not, Paula and Daniel will stop using them. She said this is a privilege of being a Shiba Inu: we decide ourselves what we will be called. Grand Aunt Linni decided herself that she did not like her original name Fujin, this is why she is mostly called Linni, and sometimes Tolinni or Tårtan. If I grow tired of being called Karstuhl, I will just stop listen to it.

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Ylva said...

Kär hund har onekligen många namn. :)