Friday, July 16, 2010


Hi, Polly here again!

I have found out that it is possible to change the colours of the letters in Mummy's blog. I was experimenting with this feature when writing this blog entry. I asked Mummy why she never changes the colours of the letters in her blog entries. She said she did not want to, and she had three reasons for this. The first reason was that it takes the attention away from the actual message she is writing. She has got a point there. The second reason was that dogs have a very limited ability to see different colours anyway, and that the colour scheme was adapted for human eyes. This is also a valid point. The third reason was that she thinks it makes the blog less attractive to the eye. She even went so far that she claimed this blog entry was ugly. I was sorry to hear this. Although I did not agree, I did turn the colour differences down a bit, having mostly the same colour for whole sentences. Are not mothers supposed to encourage their pups and make them happy with what they achieve? Well, Mummy is often like that, but I know she takes care of her blog almost as if it was a pup itself. I can understand that, she has been working at this blog for a long time, making it what it is today. Who am I to change too much of that? Nevertheless, I believe I will keep change the colours sometimes, anyway, when it is my turn to make a blog entry.

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