Thursday, July 08, 2010

Mia on a Visit

Paula's sister Mia was here this evening. It was fun meeting her, as always. She came along with Paula, as Paula came home from work about half past nine, after working late.

All of us dogs had already eaten when Mia and Paula came. The humans had a light meal, just some toast and then some candy and pop corn. They shared some of it with us dogs, but I thought I would have deserved to get more. It was not that I was hungry, but candy is always candy.

After supper, we checked the TV to see if anything good was on. It was not. We have a lot of channels, yet there are often moments when you can and want to watch TV, but cannot find anything that is exciting enough to watch. Well, it did not matter much this evening, when we had a nice visitor whom we talked to all evening.


Ylva said...

Det där är slående tycker jag. Vi har också ett helt gäng kanaler men jag hittar sällan något jag vill titta på. Den här veckan är det iofs lite kul att följa Almedalsveckan och självfallet fotbolls-VM.

Daily Hailey said...

På söndag är det såväl Storbritanniens GP på Silverstone som finalen i fotbolls-VM. Det ser Daniel fram emot. Själv ser jag helst på program om och med hundar.