Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Paula and Daniel finished off their dinner tonight by eating melon. I asked for some.

You might think I would not like melons. Dogs are, after all, more of pure carnivores than humans are. Melons are not meat. The edible parts of the melon are, however, red like meat and quite juicy and sweet. I do not turn down a sweet treat just because it does not consist of pure meat, carnivore though I am. I could never stand becoming a vegetarian, though.

It may be noted that I am not the only dog in the household who love melon. A lot of my fourlegged fellows do the same. I would not feel ashamed if I was the only one of us who would love melon, but I guess it is rather common to like it. To all of you dogs out there in the world who have not tried melon yet, I would like to say that it is worth trying.

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