Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weather Forecast

In the weather forecast of the news paper today, it said there was a high probability of rain. The morning went by without rain, and the afternoon went by without rain. I started to think the meteorologists had made a wrong forecast again. Mind you, I am aware it cannot be easy to make weather forecasts, the weather is often notoriously unpredictable. Scientists even describe the weather of Earth's atmosphere as chaotic. Therefore, my belief that the meteorologists were wrong again is not to be interpreted as me believing they are bad at their work. They are much better at predicting the weather than anybody else I know. When the evening came, though, so did the rain. The meterologists were right today, kudos to them. I am glad I was indoors when the rain started to fall, and I was glad the forecast was right. The more often the forecast is right, the more I feel I can trust it.

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