Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Call from a Friend

A friend of ours, who have a pup from us, called today and talked to Paula. He was thankful for the concern that Paula and Daniel have showed him, after he was diagnosed with cancer. Paula and Daniel visited him and his family the other day, having some coffee and cake. Our friend told Paula a lot of his friends have not been heard from since they learned he has cancer. This made him all the more thankful for the concern that Paula and Daniel have showed.

I do not understand why people would not show their concern, but keeping away, when a friend gets cancer. Cancer is not contageous. Paula said some people are scared of cancer and do not want to be reminded of it by meeting anyone whom they know have got cancer. This may be an explanation, but I do not understand it. If you love somebody, it is when that somebody is in distress that I would like to show my love the most. On the other hand, I am a dog. I cannot understand all the feelings of humans, just like I would not expect humans to understand all of my feelings. Dogs have a different take on love than humans have. I guess I might just have to accept that I do not quite understand.

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