Sunday, August 22, 2010

Celebrating Paula

It is Paula's birthday tomorrow. She and Daniel went to her parents this evening to celebrate it, though. Most of us dogs stayed at home to watch the house. We will celebrate the birthday on the registered date, tomorrow, instead. You might think this must be better, but two facts say it is equally well celebrating the birthday tonight. One is that it was tonight that all of Paula's human family could make it, since it is Sunday. The other is that Paula was adopted and her registered birthday has since been changed, because it was found out that the birthday that was first registered when Paula came to Sweden was probably not correct. It is thus far from impossible that her birthday is not the 23rd of August but another date, so celebrating the birthday today might be as correct as celebrating it tomorrow. Well, regardless of whether the 23rd is Paula's true birthday or not, it is her official birthday. There are others who are also celebrated on an official birthday regardless of what is presumed or known to be the true birthday, such as Jesus Christ and Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom. This is not a bad company to be associated with.

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