Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mowing the Lawn

Daniel mowed the lawn in the dog yard today. It was not a day too soon. Some of the grass had grown so high the straws bent under our breasts when we, the Shiba Inus, walked across it. Not only is this uncomfortable and makes it harder to know where you put your paws, it is also easier for ticks to reach the coat and crawl onto you. I really dislike ticks. It is good to lower the risk of them getting at me, but I guess we can never get rid of them completely. If there is any species I would like to become extinct (apart from bacteria and viruses that gives you horrible diseases), it is ticks.

Unfortunately, the whole lawn could not be mowed today, since Daniel ran out of petrol. There will be time to buy a new lawn mower eventually, then Daniel will look into cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternatives to petrol. Our lawn is too big for a lawn mower powered by electricity through a cord, but there may be other options. It is of no immediate consequence, though. Daniel bought more petrol this evening, so he might mow the rest of the lawn tomorrow.

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