Monday, August 30, 2010


Hello, Polly here!

I was best pup of the breed at both shows we went to this weekend, just outside of Visby. I was the only pup competing, but that is no guarantee for being best pup. You have to be good enough to get an Honourary Prize first, which shows there are hopes that you will grow up to be an excellent representative of your breed.

Visby is a nice city. We lived in the old part of the city, within the city walls. This meant we were allowed to drive our car up to a parking lot next to the hotel, whereas motor vehicles are normally prohibited from getting inside the city walls in the summer months. I was amazed at how narrow the streets were, making Daniel drive very slowly. Mummy explained to me many of the narrowest streets were in fact alleys, though there is no determined definition on what is a street and what is an alley. I learned that in the old days, when the old city was built, there were no cars. There were carts, but these were few and not meant to go into all the alleys. Prohibiting motor vehicles from the old city is thus just a way to make the streets and alleys be used in the way they were originally built for. This was fascinating to learn.

I hope we will go back to Visby next year. They are supposed to arrange a show at the same weekend next year.

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