Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Will Peach Succeed?

Once in a while, a new kind of social media app or program gets a lot of attention. Sometimes, the success lingers, as has been the case for Facebook or Twitter. Other solutions are quickly forgotten.

The newest hype may be Peach. It is an app without a lot of menus, you type words that are commands instead. Is Peach the next big thing? Time will tell.

For my part, I am quite content with this blog. I am neither on Facebook, Twitter, nor any other such media. If I want to promote a blog entry there, I ask Daniel or Paula to do it for me, and they do. If Paula and Daniel discovers Peach and tell me it is a good thing, there is a remote chance I will try it. Still, I think I will not. You can still find my thoughts daily on my blog.

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