Monday, January 25, 2016


Sometimes, I borrow Daniel's Ipad to write my blog entries. The apps on the Ipad often needs to be updated. It is almost as common not recognising any improvements on the updated app. It makes you wonder whether all of these updates are really necessary. They are usually free of any costs, so there is no financial harm in them. Still, they occupy the Ipad while the download is made. I wonder whether it would not be better with fewer updates, but larger ones.

I do not think this would make apps which are not updated too old. I update my blog every day, but there is a difference: you can see a tanglble result in my daily blog entry. This makes the update worthwhile. These updates does not take long to download, either. Blog updates are good in that way. I hope my readers like everyone of them. Stay tuned, and there will be more.

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