Sunday, January 31, 2016

Japanese Stealth Fighter Airplane

Japan has unveiled a stealth fighter airplane, the Mitsubishi X-2. It proves Japan has the knowledge to build a stealth plane, invisible to radar, just like neighbouring Russia and China has already done.

The unveiled airplane is small for a fighter, underpowered and yet unarmed. It is still proof that Japan has the knowledge needed. With this knowledge, Japan could be a partner of an international development of new fighter airplanes more siutable for actual conflicts than the X-2 would be in its present form.

It is reassuring to read that Japan does what it has got to do, to boost its capacity to defend itself against aggressive neighbours. Unfortunately, Japan has neighbours which has an aggressive foreign policy. Japan has to be prepared. The X-2 shows the capacity to be prepared, which is good.

Sweden has a military aircraft company too, Saab. I wonder if Sweden and Saab will develop a modern stealth fighter plane. It could be necessary in order to replace the current Saab JAS 39 Gripen airplanes in the future.

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