Saturday, January 09, 2016


Hello, Karstuhl here!

It might be cold outside, but we have got fire indoors. Paula and Daniel had the fireplace in the loving room remade this autumn, and we now get better heat from it. We enjoy watching the wood burn. Today, we burned an old dog pillow as well. It had become too dirty and torn, so Paula decided to get rid of it. While the pillow had provided us with comfort as long as we had it and laid on it, it also provided is with comfort through the heat we got from it when it died in flames. Do you find this description morbid. Well, a pillow does not really live. It has no feelings, no soul. Do not confuse a pillow with teddy bears, you have to be nice to teddy bears, because they are cute enough that we get feelings for them. Pillows are nice, but they may burn when they get too torn and dirty.

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