Sunday, November 28, 2010

Horrible Pictures

We watched a Swedish documentary on TV today, in what looked like an entertaining piece on Chinese food. After a while, though, they showed pictures of a lorry driving down a motorway, full of tiny cages, each with a dog in it. The dogs were not protected from the wind and the weather. We were told they were going on a long journey, at the end of which they would be sold as food to humans. We quickly changed channels on the TV. I feel terrible for all of these dogs, and the other dogs who face a similar fate in China. It is one thing to hear rumours about dogs being eaten by humans in China, quite another thing to see pictures showing dogs transported for this very purpose on TV, in a manner that would make any Swedish animal protection agent freak out. Humans are supposed to be dogs' best friend, but this clearly does not involve the Chinese who eat dogs. I still feel bad about these pictures, I can just hope it will not give me any bad dreams.

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