Monday, November 15, 2010

Even a poodle needs a Guardian Angel

My toy poodle friend, the sweet Laila /Love Chan survived a terrible accident today when she slipped on wet ice and landed on her neck/back.

For a moment we thought she had broke her neck, lying still in an odd position. She couldnt move or stand on her legs. All she could do was making odd sounds and breath very constricted.

We rushed to the veterinarian. Laila had some x-rays and physical examination. Luckily she came back to us. Nothing broken or so. Just bruises and a very soar neck. Probably Laila went into chock after the accident which caused her to faint. But she survived!

All of us are still in chock after the terrible trauma. Luckily, Laila seems to recover in a good way. She has manage to eat pop corns and beef filet. In a normal day I would have been very jealous but now Im just happy that my little friend can eat beef filet.

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