Friday, November 12, 2010

Dog Chases Mountain Lion

A mountain lion in South Dakota in the USA was chased up a tree by a terrier. Experts state that it normally takes three hounds to corner a mountain lion, but this terrier did it himself. This is cool.

Later, the dog's human shot and killed the mountain lion. In South Dakota, you are allowed to do that, if you feel that the mountain lion is a threat to you, your livestock or your other animals. This is not as cool. I cannot understand why a mountain lion who had been chased up a tree would be a threat to the human or the dog, but apparently, the authorities will not investigate the matter. Well, I have not read more than a news article about the event, so I will not judge in the matter, but I do feel puzzled about it.

Letting your human do the killing is not as cool as doing it yourself, Mum said. She did not have to say more, she has told us all enough times about the racoon she once killed. That is cool.

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