Wednesday, November 03, 2010


We have had our general election in September, but Mum was not very interested. She was more interested in the results of the American Midterm elections yesterday. I can understand that. She was born and raised in the USA and has always retained her affection for her homeland, even though she has lived more than half her life here in Sweden. Mum says it is not that she dislikes her home or her family here, but in her heart, she is always an American.

I know the Democrats lost the majority in the House of Representatives to the Republicans, but kept the majority in the Senate. What I do not know is the relevance of this. Mum says she knows, but she talked more to April about it than to me. This is also understandable. Mum and April are not the very best of friends, but April was also born and raised in the USA and understands American society and politics better than I do.

I have never even visited America. I wish I could go there sometime, time will tell if I do.

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