Saturday, November 27, 2010

Did Not Die in Vain

A dog owner i Lancashire, the UK, fell into an icy river today when trying to rescue his pet springer spaniel. He was pulled from the river by the fire brigade, but despite efforts by paramedics to save him, he died later at the hospital. The dog survived and is now taken care of by the man's family. It is a tragic story, but at least the man did not die in vain, since his dog did survive.

I first read about this story at the web page of the BBC, but the BBC did not mention anything about the faith of the dog. I searched the Internet and found the full story at the web page of the Lancashire Constabulary. It is strange that the BBC did not mention what happened to the dog. This means the reader cannot know that the man's efforts to save his dog's life was actually successful, which mean he did not die for nothing. Nevertheless, he was a hero.

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