Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm Happy Again!

If somebody would have asked me yesterday afternoon if I thought mum, April and Primus would come home soon I'd probably said no. I was so bored and felt upset beeing left at home. Honestly, I was a bit jealous too.

Late at night I was happy again. Mum burst into the house and straight to the cookie jar. We all barked of happiness. The family was together. At last. Daniel gave us all cookies and we were happy.

In two weeks I will go to a big show with mum. Haha. I wonder what April will say then. Supposivly she will not be so stucked up as she was yesterday. My sweet baby sister could be such a brat sometimes. Even though she is so sweet and nice. She is forgiven. I love her anyway. We are family and should stick together. If somebody would be mean to her I would cover her back. I know she would do the same thing for me.

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