Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Is Getting Closer

It is Christmas in less than a week. We all look forward to it this year. It is not like last year, when April was less than a year old and I had to teach her about Christmas so she would not be afraid of it.

At the same time as I think it has been a long time since last Christmas, time has flown away. It all depends upon what I am thinking about. The dog show season was long and I have a lot of memories from it to think about, but at the same time, dog shows are so much fun that it feels like it was over too soon. The every day life does not leave many memories to dwell upon, so it seems like it has gone by quickly, but at the same time I know how long an ordinary day can seem when there is less to do than on other days. Not that I have many days that are slow, I usually have a lot of things on my mind and a lot of things to do, but there is such a slow day once in a while.

We may go to Paula's parents the day after tomorrow to prepare for Christmas celebrations. I am looking forward to that.

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