Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Lawn

Most of us dogs were at home with Daniel today, while Paula and Morran were off having fun at a dog show. It was not very fun for us, Daniel spent hours out in the garden, mowing the lawn and cutting hedges.

I do not really know why Daniel takes lawn mowing so seriously. Sure, with a well kept lawn, there is a lesser risk for us to get ticks. Appart from that, it is just Daniel's idea of keeping the garden looking reasonably nice. I know most humans like well kept lawns. I like them too, they are fun to run at, but in our home, Daniel is the one taking the mowing of the lawn most seriously. Well, it keeps him happy to have a well mowed lawn.

Perhaps we will buy a robot lawn mower in the future, that mowes the lawn by itself. I think this would please Daniel.

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