Monday, November 30, 2009

Raising Pup

Dad and I help April raise her pups now. Paula says Dad is the best male dog here, when it comes to raising pups. It makes sense, since he has the most experience. He helped raising my unruly brothers. I was, of course, not unruly myself, but I observed and learned from my parents. Paula also says I am best of the females to help April with her pups. I have had pups, so I know what it is all about, and April and I are good friends. Dad and I are making a good job, and the pups are eager to learn from us. It is an interesting job, it is fun getting to know the pups, and it makes me feel a little more useful than I ordinarily are.

On a side note, I have received comments to my blog over the last three days that I have rejected. The comments seem to be written in Chinese, but I have not made any sense of the text when I have tried to translate it on online translation pages. While online translations does not make good translations, they generally give you some sort of impression of what the translated text says. This is not the case here. Since I have no idea what is written, I reject the comments. I am curious though, and hope to get the message in a language that I can understand.

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