Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ups and Downs for Dad

Daniel was away from town for work today, and Dad got to come with Paula to pick him up at the railway station in the late afternoon. I envied Dad for this, I would have liked to come too.

What I do not envy is that Dad then had to go to the veterinarian. Even though it was just routine, it is never a joy meeting the vet. However, what Dad disliked the most was a thing that happened while waiting for his turn to see the vet. While he was lying on the floor resting, a young Tibetan Spaniel just walked up to him, and would not back off when he growled at it. The Tibetan Spaniel's human held it in a leach, but allowed it to come within half a metre of Dad. This is invasion of privacy for a Shiba Inu gentleman, but neither the Tibetan Spaniel, nor its human understood this. Luckily, they went away after a while. Paula said she was about to intervene just about the time that they left.

After the visit to the veterinarian, Paula, Daniel, and Dad went grocery shopping. Dad stayed in the car, but when Paula and Daniel came back, they gave him two hot dogs for all his troubles. This is definitely something I envy.

All in all, I believe Dad's journey held more positive than negative experiences. He enjoyed telling us about the hot dogs, too.

By the way: I rejected another comment in what I believe is Chinese. I still do not know why I get them.

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