Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, the biggest festivity day of Christmas in Sweden. It is also Hibiki's ninth birthday, if you go by the number of weeks there has been since he was born. Hibiki asked if this would mean he would have two celebrations, one for the birthday and one for Christmas. I answered that this was not the case, that weekly birthdays are not commemorated for dogs when they are older than eight weeks old and ready to move to their new family. Hibiki would have to ask his new humans for celebrations, once they get around to taking care of him. April defended her son, though, saying that I should not say anything about new humans not taking care of a pup, since I have stayed with the same humans who bred me. Well, this is not because nobody else wanted me, it is just that Paula and Daniel wanted to keep me, so it is not comparable situations. Nevertheless, I made peace with April and told Hibiki that we would all have a great Christmas, him included, regardless of his age.

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