Sunday, December 20, 2009


Our Pharao Hound friend Primus has such a thin and short coat, that he uses a rug to keep himself warm on the cold winter days that we have now.

Shiba Inus never have to use rugs in the Swedish climate. While we do not have quite as thick coats as, for example, Samoyeds, we do come from Japan, which has a climate rather similar to that of Sweden. Thus, we have coats adapted to cold days in the parts of Sweden where we live. To us, the idea of wearing a rug actually seem a little stupid. If you cannot cope with the Swedish climate, are you of a dog breed that should live here?

Well, I like Primus. He is a friendly and nice dog, whose fellowship I would definitely miss if he would decide to move south. I do not care that he uses a rug in the winter. On the contrary, Primus' rug is black, just like most of my black and tan coat. I think it is nice that he uses a rug that makes him look a little more black and tan, than the usual red of his natural coat.

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