Saturday, December 19, 2009

Advantages of the Cold

There are some advantages with the cold temperatures that we have today. For one thing, Paula and Daniel think it is perfectly reasonable not to force us dogs out on long walks on their days off. Well, I normally want to go on long walks, but once in a while I prefer not to. When it is this cold, I always prefer not to. Then it is good that we do not take long walks.

Another advantage is that frozen groceries can be stored outdoors. Daniel turned the freezer of this evening to defrost it. A defrosted freezer runs better, can store more food instead of ice and snow, consumes less energy, and is thus cheaper in the long run. All the groceries from the freezer are currently stored in bags outdoors, while water drops from the shelves of the freezer.

The dripping ice makes me think of the alarming reports on the climate and the thawing ices of Greenland and Antarctica. World leaders are debating climate issues and what might be done about it i Copenhagen right now. This is ironic, since the weather is so cold in all of Scandiavia just as this summit is held.

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