Monday, November 02, 2009

I Am a Bitch

There has been a story in a Swedish news paper about a couple of humans in Sweden who have given their child a gender-neutral name and who refuse to tell people they meet or get to know whether this is a boy or a girl. According to the article, the child is three years old and knows for itself what sex it has got. However, the couple claim they want to raise their child without the preconceptions that the world gets if they would say whether it is a boy or a girl. This story is said to have been spread across the world, making some people rather upset. I guess this is because they are not used to the concept of not knowing whether a child is a boy or a girl.

Before I say anything about this story, I must say that I am not sure it is true. The names of the couple and the child are not stated in any article, and the couple are said to refuse to give any interviews. If they want to make a statement, I find this very odd. Nobody can collerate the truthfulness of the story, therefore, nobody can say for sure it is true or not. The concept of not telling what sex your child has is so odd, it might as well be made up. The only thing saying that the story is true, is that it is published in a reliable Swedish morning news paper, Svenska Dagbladet, but this is not quite enough for me.

Given that the story is true - for the sake of the argument - I think it is a silly thing, not telling the world whether you have a boy or a girl. I made no secret that I had a boy and a girl in my litter. Sooner or later, the sex will be known to the public anyway. What if it would hurt the child, when the sex, that it has kept secret, is revealed? I believe this is the wrong way to achieve gender equality, you have to accept two different but equal sexes, not deny the differences. Why not learn your children, or pups, to be proud of their sex, instead of hiding it? I am a bitch, and I am proud of it!

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