Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Manipulative Minds of Cats

It is probably not a surprise to anybody that I believe dogs make the best human pets. After all, I am a dog myself. Still, there are numerous other reasons that this is true. Dogs are friendlier, more co-operative, comes in many more sizes and shapes, and are more useful to humans than other domestic animals. The dog is also the oldest human companion.

I have now found out another reason that dogs are better pets than cats. Cats are manipulative, and this is scientifically proved. Scientists at the University of Sussex have found that cats modulate their purrs to the same frequency as human baby screams. Humans are highly sensitive to sounds of human baby cries, which is only natural and good. Cats have found this out, however, and use it to manipulate and exploit humans when they purr to get food and the like.

Dogs are also able to find out things like this, but we do not manipulate our humans to get what we want, we love them, and we get our food in return for that. If you want a manipulative pet, get a cat, but if you want a loving pet, get a dog.

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