Monday, November 16, 2009

Traffic Jams

This afternoon, the public vaccination against the swine flu started in our home town Örebro. The authorities have rented the Örebro Fair for this purpose, since it is a large building with a lot of parking spaces. As late as yesterday, the Örebro County Kennel Club held an unofficial dog show there. The news media reported that there was a traffic jam around the Fair, with queues of cars stretching a long way. There was not enough vaccine for everybody who tried to get some.

I am not surprised about the queues today, but I believe many humans make wrong choices. In my humble opinion, a dog show is much more interesting than getting a flu shot, even an unofficial show. There would be many more humans going to the dog show yesterday than to the vaccination today, if they would make the same choices as I would. Nevertheless, there were no reports about long queues of cars to the dog show yesterday. I guess we just have to accept that many humans consider their protection against the posibility of a flu more important than the certain entertainment value of a dog show.

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