Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Flat Tyre

Daniel ran the car over a nail yesterday, getting a punctured tyre. He managed to get the car to a garage where they could mend the tyre, but this morning, the same tyre was flat again. It caused a lot of trouble, not least because it turned out that the car lacked one of its standard tools that you need in order to change tyres. Well, Daniel got hold of that tool from the car dealership where the car was bought last summer - they gave him one for free, which is good service. Then Daniel took the flat tyre to the garage where it was mended yesterday. Apparently, they discovered that the tyre had had two holes in it, but only one had been mended yesterday. Now, the tyre is back on the car, and we just have to hope it does not get flat again.

In general, modern tyres do not get flats often. Nevertheless, it is too bad they do get flats once in a while. You would think modern technology would come up with cheap tyres that never get flat. Maybe this will happen, eventually. After our experiences today, I cannot wait.

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