Sunday, May 24, 2009

Show Weekend

The annual Shiba Inu specialty show in Sweden was today. I did not participate, but Calvin (father of my pups) did as well as Kenny and April. Calvin finally got a good coat as an adult. He did rather well in the show ring, ending up as 3d youth male with excellent out of 8 youth males (champion quality). I wish Calvin would eventually become a champion, not least because it would look good in the pedigrees of our pups. We have some shows planned for him now.

Kenny was 4th champion male with excellent out of 8 champion males. April was 4th champion female out of 8 champion females and was also placed in best bitch as reserve best female with excellent. Still, the results are all in all good, because there were quite a lot of shibas there (total entry 68). I guess I should have been there, because there was not a single dog with the Aangenaam prefix in the show catalogue. We have to hold our prefix high, and the best thing to do that is to allow those of us who has this prefix in their name to be shown. I hope I will be shown later this summer.

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Joyce said...

This are indeed very good results, Congradulaiotns with it!!
68 shiba's is realy a lot!!!