Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend resume

This Sunday was the first one in a long time with good Autumn weather. I helped Paula out with some garden work after she got home from the hospital where she is employed. Yesterday was a day of rest. Paula was out shopping with her mum and sister. Daniel took good care of us dogs at home. I also helped him out with some legally advice for his job as a laywer.

April will be away next weekend. She and Paula and some of our friends will go to the international show in Eckerö, Finland. Hopefully April could be a Finnish champion before October. Well, we just have to wait and see how it goes next Sunday:o) As usual I feel a bit left over since I enjoy being the centre of attention. Daniel has promised me though to give me some extra special care.

I have no shows planned the next couple of months. Paula has some plans to show me abroad next year. My biggest plan in the nearby future is to have puppies. We have some, in our mind, extra terrific upcoming puppy buyers who eagerly await my puppies. I hope not to let anybody down.

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